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Nasal Administration of Noopept: Safety and Efficacy

For some, engulfing various powders every morning is a tedious task but others may embrace it as part of their daily ritual. However, you may not be getting the most out of what you’re consuming due to the metabolic breakdown in the liver and the contents lost to the digestive system. Often in the nootropics community we forget about other, more efficient methods of administration in lieu of the easiest route. They all come with their own benefits and downfalls, and certain methods are optimal for certain drugs.

Nasal Administration of Nootropics, particularly Noopept can be very effective.
Intranasal delivery has proven to be an effective method of administration throughout the medical field.

Like many of us, for a long time I was content to place powder in my mouth and swallow. I was unaware that there were far more productive ways to achieve the cognitive enhancement I desired. Prolonged periods of research lead me to uncover the benefits of sublingual administration. [1][2] Whilst the effects of Noopept became more potent, a misplaced particle was enough to send me gagging.

Many nootropic substances have a low bioavailability, which leads to oral administration being less effective. Eventually I stumbled upon intranasal administration, a technique that yielded superior results to those I had previously encountered.

A pivotal concept in the usage of nootropics is to pass the brain barrier. Nasal administration allowed me to perfect opportunity to do so. The cavity of the nose is covered in thin mucosa which are well vascularised making it an ideal entry point for nootropics. [3] The nose enables certain drugs and other molecules to bypass the blood brain barrier via diffusion through the olfactory epithelium and the perineural sheath or via retrograde axonal transport along olfactory and trigeminal nerves. Certain nootropic agents like Adrafinil shouldn’t be absorbed via the nose due to the active ingredients that need to be processed by the liver. [4]
After browsing many web pages, online forums and blogs, I found it was easy to procure pre-made nasal sprays capable of dispensing nootropics. However, I’d decided to create my own mixture purely out of curiosity more so than economic benefit. I purchased a 10 ml nasal spray bottle that would be capable of delivering a 4 mg spray of Noopept.

I measured out 400 mg of Noopept then added 10ml of Bacteriostatic water and begun to dissolve the particles by syphoning in and out of a blunt syringe. Noopept was particularly stubborn in breaking down its particles, but after 10 minutes the solution was dissolved to my satisfaction. Soon after mixing, it didn’t take long for me to administer my first dosage. Placing the end of the bottle at my nostril, I pressed the trigger twice for a total dose of 8 mg.

Can you feel the power of your Noopept?

I felt the effects within 15 minutes of application. It was at this point I realised that nasal administration increased the onset of Noopept. This is due to some smaller molecules being absorbed in as little as 5 minutes through the nose. [5]

Unlock your brain with Nasal Noopept

The effects were not subtle like my earlier experiences with oral Noopept.
An immediate clarity settled over my head. Music seemed more vivid with a sudden depth to every beat. I was now in control of my every thought and emotion. The muddled parts of my brain were able to be organised into coherent thinking, which was easily verbalised without haste in my expression.

My social anxiety was subdued, which lead to my concentration to become far more precise and calculated. The influence of Noopept lasted significantly longer than ever before. An 8 am dosage remained noticeable until 4 pm. A miraculous increase in the observable effects compared to my previous trials with oral Noopept.

The positive outcome of this experiment encouraged me to continue dosing for another 4 weeks where the results remained consistently pleasing. My daily motivation for activity was greater than ever before and I was invigorated in the completion of even menial tasks.

Overall, there was a noticeable increase in my brain function. I could never claim it increased my IQ. But it certainly unlocked my ability to use my intellect far more effectively. At the end of each month, I initiated a short break to refresh my brain chemistry and reduce any tolerance that had grown, and then resumed my supplementation a few weeks later.

For those of you not achieving satisfactory results by oral ingestion of your powders, why not try another method of delivery? You will gain many benefits from doing so. Ensure that you research and find products that will work for you. Personally, I’d recommend trying intranasal administration of Noopept. It’s certainly a terrific starting point on your journey to ‘limitless’ cognition.

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By Daniel Pugh

Australian Nootropic user, well versed in the use of nootropics and their different administration methods.

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